Saturday, April 08, 2006

Blogging from 30,000 ft

So this is pretty cool . . . I'm on my way to London on SAS, and they have the Boeing Connexion wireless service, which is allowing me to post this from the air over Canada. The service is as fast as our home wireless network and it's going to make the flight much more interesting and allow me to *ahem* "work" on the way to London. :)

I'm also in business class for the second time in my life, and it is the only really civilized way to travel IMHO. Plenty of leg room--seats that lay flat--champagne on takeoff--sleepmasks, booties, and earplugs provided. I feel like Louis XIV or something . . . er, if he ever . . . you know, actually . . . flew anywhere. I heard that Condi Rice had to sleep on the floor of her plane the other day so I'm clearly getting a better deal that the Secretary of State. I'm trying not to get used to it--we have an eternal flight to Orlando coming up and that one will be coach all the way. Also, next year, we won't have the budget for this level of tomfoolery. In the meantime, hee hee :)

*Breaking news*--The scented hot towels aren't half bad either

In other (not so breaking) news, we saw Sia at the croc last night. She was outstanding! I also got to hang with my peeps, Sally, Mark, Phil, Gina, wifey, and (briefly) Dia. Check out some pics at joygantic.

--(Mile-high) Tinfoil Out


Mikelle said...

Ah, business class. Glad you're having a good time. miss you.

mark said...

Ah . . . such a pampered geek . . . have a great trip. Loking forwaqrd to a hilarious in person update on Saturday.

Lara said...

Jared and I were just in london. we must've crossed paths. We flew economy plus, however, not as cushy as your diggs but still better than coach. See you on saturday

Tin Foil Hat said...

Lara--I was only in London proper the night of the 11th--still, we may have crossed paths :)

I'll definitely see ya on Saturday

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